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About Elan

Since 2008 and counting...

Quality Real Estate Services for Builders, Developers & Property Owners

Elan Management is a boutique real estate firm specializing in managing assets for homeowners, builders and developers (clients).  Our team has over thirty years of experience managing real estate.  Elan opened its doors as an independent brokerage in August 2008.

What Do We Manage?

  • Community associations: HOAs, Condos, POAs
  • Privately owned commercial and residential properties
  • REO assets
  • Other real property with covenants

What are Covenants?

Covenants are rules and guidelines for communities and are attached to each property.  As such, owners and occupants are bound/compelled to comply.  The covenants (aka declaration) establish the standards for your community association, the property that is governed or owned by the association,  and owners (members of the association).  

Covenants are utilized by management companies to set up best practices for associations; however eventual enforcement is actually handled as a matter of legal recourse.

Management Details

 Management companies are licensed and insured agencies providing oversight for various types of properties.

The purpose of a management company will vary according to the market.  For example, a management company for commercial property leasing will function differently than a company specializing in REO assets.

Generally speaking, all management companies are subject to local and national real estate laws & regulations.

Typical management company responsibilities include, but are not limited to...

-Administration and operation of the business


-Financial reporting

-Meeting planning

-Site inspections

-More, more, more (per contract)

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